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Dendrobium medicinal orchids

Arctium lappa

Bitter Buckwheat

Buckwheat Pillows

Cherry-Apple: the mother species of all apples

Hoja para Tamal

Ammomum villosum


Chinese tea oil: Camellia oleifera

Gynostemma pentaphylla, Jiao Gulan

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Honey from nature reserves

Konjac (Amorphophallus)


largest nut: Hodgsonia macrocarpa

Walnuts and cold pressed walnut oil

Musella lasiocarpa GOLDEN LOTUS

Yunnan green tea (forest tea)


Yunnan Chili





Yunnan Vanilla

Ginger, ornamental & medicinal species

Contract growing

Life style and health

TianZi Health Food Restaurant, tea garden, and food store

tropical health food

Ivan Schiffer's health food concept



Contract growing of tropical plants, exotic flowers, herbal and cosmetic species, and agricultural crops of China

We accept contract growing arrangements for export of crops, flowers, and medicinal plants. Examples are Hibiscus, Ginger, Chili, konjac, bananas, and many more species.

The advantages of our area in Southwest China are the clean environmental conditions: there is no chemical industry in a radius of 700 km. If you decide to arrange contract-growing with us we will cooperate with local farmers from different ethnic groups and mountain tribes. Your decision will therefore contribute to better living conditions for ethnic communities in the remote border areas near Myanmar and Lao.

You may even go a step further and buy some hectare of rain forest for the production of your plant species. If you chose this option, you become member of the Rain Forest Farming Foundation (RFFF), which guarantees that your plants are grown under natural conditions and with the participation of local farmers. This option gives you not only the best deal in wholesale prices, but you are contributing to improved livelihood of ethnic minority farmers and you are protecting rain forest ecosystems. Read more about how it works here.

The essential idea behind contract farming is to minimize the risk for the farmers and in return get their best offer while assuring that their product will be bought at an agreed price. For the traders it relieves the international trading arrangements from the fluctuations of prices per year and per season, and the products can be offered to the end-user at a stable price and quality already a year in advance. A further advantage is that qualities can be agreed in great detail including the use of agricultural chemicals and ways of processing.

Example: supposed a trader finds this year's crop and prices acceptable, he may place a reservation for a defined quality and quantity at an agreed price for the next cropping season. This reservation should ideally be done in form of a contract (unless trade partners have a good relationship established). Some partners go a step further and design and produce their own company-packaging and even advertising material and have their products packed and shipped on specific instructions.

This is particularly true for horticultural products, but it is also starting for special agricultural crops where e.g. pesticide-free and socially fair farming is required. Our task in Yunnan is to oversee the production sites of the farmers and monitor the quality of production, processing, packaging, and shipping. To trade, contract growing is a step toward "growing your own product", and to the farmers it is a step toward "global marketing".

Thank you for your interest, and please contact us be e-mail for your specific requirements.

Our production of Hedychium coccineum with mountain folks of Xishuangbanna

Please send us an e-mail if you feel this could be a viable alternative for your production schemes.
Thank you

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For wholesale of agricultural products, the prices given are taken from the latest previous sale.
For the most recent trade prices, please contact us by e-mail.

We encourage importers (wholeseller; grossiste; mayorista) to consider contract growing of crops through our farmers in remote areas. You will benefit from products free of pesticides and you contribute to an improved livelihood for the ethnic minorities of Yunnan.

Some of our crops are collected in the buffer zones of National Parks and Nature Reserves of China. We are co-operating with the park administrations to support sustainable harvesting of secondary forest products.

freshly harvested very hot small chilli sold at our local market

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Your ecologically friendly production:
proudly traceable!

Imagine, the traceability of your products leads your customers to the tropical jungles of the Mekong river and to the Himalayan mountains where Tibet meets Yunnan. Immerged in diverse culture and rich biodiversity, your customers can visit the places and people where your products start from pristine soils, clean air, and where they support the livelihood of local ethnic communities.

Would this add to the sustainability and credibility of your business?

Would your trademark benefit from international research publications lauding your company's involvement in saving the rain forest?

If you are in the food, cosmetics, flower, herbal, and medical business, certifying your products as contributing to biodiversity protection will be an advantage with a competitive edge.

The TianZi Biodiversity Centre is working with German Universities to design land use systems, which are bound to change paradigms: we promote rare agro-biodiversity species, manage complexity, and find alternatives to destructive forms of mono culture.

If all this is in line with your company's business concept - please contact us.

The TianZi Team.