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We are glad to announce that most of our products are now available in our first TianZi Tea Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Note: we advise those of our visitors who seek medical advise based on traditional Chinese medicine to contact our doctor for diagnosis and treatment options, specifically for chronic diseases, heart and nerve problems.

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restoring the immune system to fight HIV and other viruses; successful also against Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, Papovavirus, Urethritis, Rhinitis, viral Peptic Ulcer, and viral Flu

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i -drops
herbal honey droplets

Sold out






herbal immune tea (revivo)
raw extract powder

1 box
net.cont:. 60 g

3 boxes
(1 week treatment)
net.cont.: 180 g)

12 boxes
(1 month treatment)
net cont.: 720 g

36 boxes
(3 months treatment)
net.cont.: 2160

1 month of treatment
net.cont.: 480 g

3 months treatment
net.cont.: 1440 g

packaging is not indicating the use of the products to ensure integrity of the buyer










more bulk rates

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Ships immediately

special bulk prices are available for humanitarian purposes, organisations, and hospitals in developing countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Please write to us.

ANTOXIDANTS This tea from high mountain forests is designed to mature with age. Allow it to age for at least 5 years before drinking. Optimum age for drinking will be between 20 to 30 years.
The total production of this special tea is very limited.

Puer Tea



BONES also for treatment of internal wounds, pain related to wounds and bone fractures

Yunnan Baiyao capsules

10 sealed packeges with 16 capsules, each


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  also for treatment of wounds, back pain, knee pain, and injuries of all sorts

Yunnan Baiyao powder

10 glasses of powder with 1 life saving pill, each


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BLOOD, Digestion, and more... improves blood production and circulation, and removes blood clots; helps to prevent heart attacks; closes wounds without scars; treats ulcer. Dragon's Blood capsules
Yu Lin
5 packs
a 24 capsules of 300 mg content
Ships immediately
CANCER, TUMOR Ganoderma adjusts the immune system to prevent viral diseases and to prevent and fight tumor. It protects and detoxifies the liver, prevents and treats heart diseases, slows the aging process, has a positive effect on insomnia, is a treatment for high blood pressure and diabetes, for chronic bronchitis and asthma, has effect on hyper susceptibility and is used as a beauty care medicine for the skin. Ganoderma lucidum
herb extract from organic production
90 capsules
a 250 mg
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The spore capsules are the traditional "Emperor's medicine" against cancer. The crushed spores are known to increase phagocytosis of mono-nuclear macrophages.
All other functions as above, just stronger.

Ganoderma lucidum
crushed spores from organic production
90 capsules
a 300 mg

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The most powerful version of Ganoderma: a CO2 extract, which is concentrating the active ingredients of Ganoderma spores by about 20 times.
Frequently used in China for alternative treatment of cancer.

Ganoderma lucidum

CO2 extract from organic production

30 soft gel pills
a 500 mg

DIABETES Has cured 86% of test cases.
The product also addresses common side effects of diabetes.

herbal Diabetes extract "CaoSu"
a combination of traditional herbs

2 month of complete treatment (560 g of herbal extract powder)

more bulk rates

out of stock
HEAD a soothing combination of wild ginger seeds and lemmon pepper to easen pain and increase blood circulation to the head Headache pillow
1 pillow of 1.6 kg seeds, herbs, and kapok
    out of stock
HEART also repairs heart tissue, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol, acts as tonicum, is close to ginseng but more beneficial to women than ginseng (therefore also called: women's ginseng).
This excellent tea is freshly harvested from our mountain forests and supports local ethnic communities.

Gynostemma pentaphylla
Long life tea
Southern Ginseng

"miracle herb"
(Jiaogulan) pure dried leaves without stems

60 tea bags (100 g tea) of pure leaves per package

10 packages (1 kg)




Ships immediately
  a concentrated extract of Gynostemma pentaphylla (see above), containing 300 mg of concentrate per pill with 60 mg of ginsenoids

Gynostemma pentaphylla

pills made of aqueous extract concentrate

10 boxes (1000 pills)


Ships immediately


gradually reduces dependence on opium derivated drugs until complete healing is reached

herbal quit drugs tea

complete treatment



out of stock

a serious traditional formulation that has been handed down for generations in Dr.Yang's family; used for acne, brown spots, allergies, skin problems;

Root water formula 1

for light acne

1 bottle of 100 ml  
  the 'root water' comes as powder to which 35% to 45% alcohol nedds to be added to extract the active substances;

Root water formula 2

for serious acne

1 bottle of 100 ml
  a serious product that needs to be taken with care

Root water formula 3

for scars caused by acne

1 bottle of 100 ml
VITALITY while under stress This excellent product has become known for its boost to vitality. It is considered a typical "manager's herb" and also used by sports men and women to deliver highest performance. Cordyceps

for highest performance
1 bottle with 30 capsules a 350 mg
WATER ACCUMULATION A herb that reduces the accumulation of water and body fluids in body cavities and in the lung; especially used during cancer treatment. Pilea
a rare herb to expell excess water
1 pack with 20 g dried leaves
sold out and presently under cultivation

For bulk rates, please write to us.

All our products derive from ethnobotanical research into their traditional use either in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or by local ethnic commmunities. This is not the standard that FDA and many other countries accept nor support. You are therefore advised to always consult your doctor. Any medical claims that after our careful editing on these pages may still be found are by no means to be misinterpreted as medical recommendations.

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