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Herbal immune system tea:
a mix of the most powerful traditional Chinese herbs to activate the immune system to fight viruses

This herbal immune system tea is developed in Southern China where HIV/AIDS has become a serious epidemic, starting years ago through migrant workers to Thailand. There, in Northern Thailand, the herbal immune system tea has been tested first and is since then becoming popular. The tea may be restoring the immune system function of the body efficiently and a large number of viral secondary infections seem to be taken care of at the same time.

While this is a new way of looking at the treatment of HIV, the formula itself is but a sophisticated mixture of traditional Chinese herbs known to have positive effects on the immune system (see literature below). Please note that we have developed a new formulation called i-drops, which is designed as honey droplets. These droplets are easier to take and the honey increases resorption of the ingredients.

We recommend to add the herbal extract to warm water or Job's tears milk and/or coffee, and use honey to cushion its bitter taste and to simultaneously overcome fatigue and support resorption. We additionally advise to include a health diet into your daily routine. See an example of a health food diet designed to help recovering from chronic illness.

More data:

herbal immune tea (revivo)

Quantity per bag: 10g herbal extract powder

Suggested dosage: take 2 bags per day, one in the morning and one in the evening; after every 4 days, pause for one day. Continue for at least 1 month or up to 3 to 6 months in chronic cases.

Note: under medical observation the daily dose can be increased to 4 bags (40 g), and there is no need for pausing after the 4th day. This is particularly suggested if CD4 counts are below 200.

How to take it: pour the contents of one 10g-bag into a glass of hot water or Job's tears milk, stir, and drink it all. You may want to add honey, as the herbal extracts are very bitter.

For users with additional fever, tiredness, secondary infections, symptoms of chest pain, swelling, nausea, etc.: please get a CD4 and virus check at your hospital. If your CD4 is below 200 and/or your virus count is above 10,000 please opt for a combination with Anti-Viral-Drugs until blood values reach a stage from where the immune system may be able to take over.

important notes:

1: there are about 60 symptoms of secondary infections described for people who suffer from immune system deficiencies. Please note that this herbal extract may only take care of those caused by a virus, and there may be an additional and limited anti-cancer activity. For any other secondary infection as caused by bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, please make sure that you have them diagnosed and treated with appropriate medicine. Particularly dangerous are lung infections.

2: it is of great importance that your body's blood production is at full capacity. Often, however, blood production is affected by the virus. In Chinese medicine, a traditional donkey skin product ("ejiao") is used to support the body's blood production. You can find the product in your nearest Chinese medicine store (looks like a package of dark chocolate; break small portions, dissolve in hot water, and drink daily). If there are other medications or food supplements available to you to support the body's blood production, please use them. In severe cases, an initial blood transfusion is a good start if blood values are already very weak. Other herbs that stimulate blood production are the Northern crop burdock root (Arctium lappa) and the tropical crop okra ("lady finger").

Follow up suggestion: once your CD4-count has gone above 500, you may pause and drastically reduce the herbal extract to about 1/2 (half) of the monthly dosage described above; above 800, you may stop entirely and only at occasions of stress and weakness take a 5 days' refresher. Please, have your CD4 count checked regularly to ensure your immune system stays on guard.
It is of great importance that your daily food supports your recovery process.

1: If secondary infections (especially diseases that are not caused by viruses) exist, additional medicine needs to be prescribed by your doctor to treat such infections. Also, be sure that your nutrition is optimal and not lacking essential minerals and vitamins.

2: When taking the herbal extract for the first time, users may be repelled by its bitter taste. Continue by taking a lower dosage for the start but make sure to soon reach the recommended quantity.

3: Please note that, although the herbal extract is becoming popular in many countries, the herbal extract combination has not yet been registered by the Health Administration and patients need to take it voluntarily.

4: The herbal extract is nontoxic as every herbal extract has hundreds of years of use as food supplement.

Side effects: Some people report initial sleepiness, which is the calming effect of one of the herbs. Occasionally the bitterness of the herb is repelling, and initial diarrhea may occur.

Contraindications: As the herbal extract has a mild detoxifying effect, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

Price: 48 bags with 10g herbal powder for 1 month (total package = 0.5 kg): € 98.- (bulk discounts start with 3 month's dose).

Shipment: Ships freshly prepared usually within one week; it takes 5 working days by UPS to arrive at any place in the world. Requests for anonymous shipment are taken serious and we follow your instructions. Stored cool and dry the shelf life exceeds 1 year.

Herbal description
Chinese nutraceutical extracted from:
Arctium lappa var. edule (radix), Coix lacryma-jobi (semen), Momordica charantia (semen), Hypericum chinensis (herba), Nelumbo nucifera (semen), Prunella vulgaris (semen), Zizyphus jujuba (fructus), Glycyrrhiza glabra (radix).

Scientific research on Chinese herbs confirms that a number of plant extracts are capable of strengthening and supporting the immune system. Our immune system is protecting us against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and tumors. Responding to these various disorders, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has discovered a range of herbal products. Revivo contains a combination of these plant extracts, which enables it to activate a wide spectrum of our body’s immune reactions.

Arctium lappa, an edible variety of burdock, is used since centuries as a traditional medical plant in China, India, Japan, and many Western countries. It has been known for detoxification and for its ability to support the body’s blood production. More recently, immune-supporting and anti-tumor properties have been found.
Coix lacryma-jobi seeds are well known in the production of non-dairy milk. Traditional folk medicine has used them against warts. New research results confirm the plant’s potent effects: extracts of the seeds have increased the quantity of zytotoxic lymphocytes and, hence, are active against viral infections.
Momordica charantia, the bitter cucumber, grows widely in home gardens of all tropical countries where it is part of the local diet. A phytochemical isolate from the plant was shown to be effective against various viruses (among them Eppstein-Barr and herpes). Two proteins (ƒÑ- und ƒÒ-momorcharin), were found effective against the HIV virus. The protein MAP30 interrupts the replication of the HIV virus.
Aside from essential oils, two active substances were isolated from Hypericum chinensis: the polycyclic diones Hypericine and Pseudohypericine, and the glycoside Hyperine. While known since centuries as anti-depressant, in 1990 research confirmed for the first time its effect against retroviruses and tumors. Hypericin is able to block the replication of the HIV virus; it also exhibits synergistic effects with AZT.
Nelumbo nucifera, the well known Lotus, is a traditional food plant of Asia. The plant is used medicinally to strengthen the heart and liver. Studies show that the lotus plant has antioxidant, anti-viral, and body-fat reducing properties. It also can reduce sugar levels, dampen the resorption of sugar, and support insulin production. Latest research point out that Lotus seeds extract significantly reduces HSV-1 multiplication in HeLa cells.
Polysacharids of Prunella vulgais, a common road side plant in all parts of the world, show anti-HIV research results and were active against Herpes simplex 1 and 2.
Ziziphus jojoba, a common edible fruit of Asia, contains the active ingredient betulinic acid, which recently was shown to cause cell-death of Melanoma cells without affecting healthy tissue. Research results suggest that there is also an effect against the HIV virus.

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Yoh Hidaka, Tatsunari Kaneda, Nobuyuki Amino and Kiyoshi Miyai, 2004: A polysaccharide fraction from medicinal herb Prunella vulgarisdownregulates the expression of herpes simplex virus antigen in Vero cells. J Ethnopharmacol 93: 63-68, 2004.

Important note to customers:

we receive wonderful e-mails thanking us for a new life and good healing experiences.

However, we need qualified feedback, which would enable us to follow-up scientific aspects and eventually improve both our services and products.
Besides: we care if your health improved since we communicated last.
Through this questionnaire, we systematically collect the health related data from all our customers and evaluate them scientifically.
As your feedback is of great value to us, we will reward you with a 1-month free package.
See the evaluation of your feedback.

Please support the development of our herbal teas by sending this form back to us at: 2007@natureproducts.net This form is useful to us particularly if you or your patient’s CD4 count, and if possible his/her viral load, are known to you before and after taking our herbal tea.
Please do not worry if you cannot complete all questions. Every response is of scientific value to our efficiency research goal.

Rest assured that we are keeping the data on your name and address confidential. They are not necessary for this questionnaire.

our response is contributing to further improved herbal formulas and for opening doors to countries where import restrictions do not yet allow herbal teas to reach people in need.
For sending us this form with your data, we will be obliged to ship to you a free 1-month package of herbal immune system strengthening tea. You may update the form once a year and receive 1 free package per year.

Thank you again for your highly valued feedback.

The TianZi Team.

p.s.: a scientific evaluation of revivo and its efficiency will be available from this web-page shortly.

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All our products derive from ethnobotanical research into their traditional use either in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or by local ethnic commmunities. This is not the standard that FDA and many other countries accept nor support. You are therefore advised to always consult your doctor. Any medical claims that after our careful editing on these pages may still be found are by no means to be misinterpreted as medical recommendations.


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