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TianZi Health Food Restaurant, tea garden, and food store, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Health food menue

Health food serving

tropical health food

Ivan Schiffer's health food concept

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Brigitte Fabian, natural healing specialist

Dr. Wolfgang Kohler, Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with conventional Western medicine


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Diabetes herb extract "CaoSu"

Ganoderma spores

Ganoderma essence

Gynostemma, Long-life-tea

Gynostemma pills, Jiaogulan

Headache pillow from rainforest seeds and herbs

Pilea herb to prevent the accumulation of water in the body

Quit drugs tea


a powerful mix of immune system stimulating herbs

Skin treatment, for acne, brown spots, allergies, disorders

Yunnan Baiyao capsules

Yunnan Baiyao powder + life saving pill

Dai peoples' traditional medicine for:

Blood circulation

Knowledge about healing
is a steady process of learning even for traditional medicine. Traditions are alive and respond to change and experience.

Therefore, at TianZi we support mutual learning between Western and Eastern cultures, and help is extended to communities voluntarily.

at a local village, a severe heart failure of a Dai woman is treated by Dr. Kohler and Mrs. Fabian

checking the pulse in the traditional Chinese way using 3 fingers and on both hands

opening blockage of energy flow in the head and neck area

Dr. Wolfgang Kohler teaching muscle testing (testing of energy flow) of Chinese herbal medicine at a local hospital in China

The following therapies are available in Munich and during travel to Thailand and China:

Chinese pharmacology
Crania sacral therapy

Food supplements
Food therapies
Health Gymnastics
Herbal treatments
Light therapy
Magnetic field therapy
Natural healing
Neural therapy
Orthomolecular therapy
Oxygen treatment
Psycho therapy
Qi Gong
Scar treatment
Tai Chi
Thermo therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Dr. med. Wolfgang Kohler, TCM specialist
Mrs. Brigitte Fabian, Natural Healing Practitioner

Osterwaldstr. 40
Entrance Schwedenstr.
D - 80805 Munich-Schwabing
Bavaria, Germany
for appointments:
Phone : 0049 - 89 - 32 20 90 90

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