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Oak fruits stand
Quercus yiwuensis

Yunnan is rich in oak species, often growing on mountain ridges. This species has a tendency to shed the entire fruit stand and the seeds remain attached until the rainy season.

The fruit stands are about 25 cm tall and the oak seeds attach very durably.

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Your ecologically friendly production of cut flowers:
proudly traceable!

Imagine, the traceability of your supply chain leads your customers to the tropical jungles of the Mekong river and to the Himalayan mountains where Tibet meets Yunnan. Immerged in diverse culture and rich biodiversity, your customers can visit the places and people where your organic products start from pristine soils, clean air, and where they support the livelihood of local ethnic communities.

Would this add to the sustainability and credibility of your company?

Would your trademark benefit from international research publications lauding your company's involvement in saving the rain forest?

If you are in the food, cosmetics, flower, herbal, and medical business, certifying your products as contributing to rain forest and biodiversity protection will be an advantage with a competitive edge.

The TianZi Biodiversity Centre is working with German Universities to design land use systems, which are bound to change paradigms: we promote rare agro-biodiversity species, manage complexity, and find alternatives to destructive forms of mono culture.

If all this is in line with your company's business concept - please contact us.

The TianZi Team.



Please note that the items on these pages are for wholesale only. For quotations, please write to us.

Our ornaments and decorative leaves and fruits are collected in our forests or produced by farmers in remote mountain villages of Yunnan and other parts of China and Asia.

Cutflower production is on prior arrangement for wholesale customers. Please contact us if you wish any cut-flower be produced. Our export channel is through Kunming (Yunnan, China) and Bangkok (Thailand).

For actual prices on wholesale condition please contact us with an indication of quantities needed.

For export we prefer air cargo; for large quantities of dry fruits, leaves, lianas etc., surface and container shipping is possible.

for direct import of container wholesale prices please inquire by e-mail