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introducing our own varieties:

Musa rubinea var. "orange"

Musa rubinea var. "vino-tinto"

Musa x assamica

wild species:

Ensete glaucum elephant banana

Musa basjoo snow banana

Musa coccinea red torch banana

Musa xishuangbannaensis, the tallest of all bananas (newly described)

Musa ornata ornate banana

Musa sikkimensis the most cold tolerant species of the Himalayas

Musa splendida giant red banana

Musa yunnanensis, a new species

Musa rubinea Yunnan dwarf banana, another new species

Musa sp.nov., the latest discovery with the largest flower

Musa sp., not yet identified species from limestone area

Musella lasiocarpa GOLDEN LOTUS Banana: the most outstanding of all bananas and a sacred species of Buddhism



Musa x assamica
super dwarf Assam banana

This superdwarf variety was created by Markku Hakkinen. It is the smallest Musa species known so far. Its pseudo stem reaches a maximum of 50 cm. What is most striking is that the super dwarf banana reaches maturity within 1 year and produces flowers and fruits under home conditions. Markku has successfully raised this new dwarf variety in his home in Finland, truly not a tropical country...

"Musa assamica" has been mentioned by many old botanists but it remained mystery, as it was never found again. The plant collector Gustav Mann found the species in Assam and shipped it to London among other samples. Later, the British nursery operator William Bull offered it for sale at 1 guinea per plant. He wrote:
"This is a peculiarly dwarf-habited and elegant species, and has been imported from Upper Assam.   The slender pseudostems are about a foot and half high, green, bearing a crowded tuft of several elliptic lanceolate leaves, which are stalked, about a foot in length, remarkably unequal-sided at the base, acute at the apex, and running out into a slender tendril-like point.  The leaves are green, with a narrow purple border. It will make good plant for table decoration, on account of its exotic aspect and moderate size and stature – 1 guinea." (Kew London from the William Bull’s Cat. Hort. Bull 1871.)

Chances are that Musa assamica has been a natural hybrid between Musa mannii (named after Gustav Mann) and Musa velutina, although natural mutation is a possibility, too. Musa mannii is now extinct in the wild. In Markku's home, Musa mannii has survived and shares a room with Musa velutina, where both species may have hybridized.

flower bract of the Assam dwarf banana

mature fruits of the smallest banana

The total size of Musa x assamica is less than 1 meter. A banana for window space and small rooms, and for people who wish they would rather live in the tropics...

Assamica is under registration.

All pictures © Markku Hakkinen

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The TianZi Biodiversity Centre is working with German Universities to design land use systems, which are bound to change paradigms: we promote rare agro-biodiversity species, manage complexity, and find alternatives to destructive forms of mono culture.

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