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Life style and health

TianZi Health Food Restaurant, tea garden, and food store, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Health food menue

Health food serving

tropical health food

Ivan Schiffer's health food concept

The TianZi old homes

the TianZi Dai house, Xishuangbanna

the TianZi Dai village, Xishuangbanna

the TianZi Naxi Houses, Lijiang

the TianZi Tao Temple, Yangtze Valley

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modern tropical house design

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Heads and hats

Living with tropical flowers

BUDDHIST BAUHINIA: Bauhinia variegata candida

GOLDEN LOTUS BANANA: Musella lasiocarpa



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Health food
as we serve it in
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Food is the key to our health.
As Ivan Schiffer puts it:

Cooking is the key to a healthy body and mind, and hence to freedom of trans-mutation of yin and yang. If man's food is not properly cooked, he will have difficulty digesting and assimilating it. This leads to difficulties in maintaining homeostatic internal conditions and a calm mentality in the face of the stresses of life. In other words, cooking is not merely a technique for making delicious cuisine; it is a sacred ceremony where nature and human action meet. The kitchen is the studio where life is created every day. Cooking must be performed with an artist's sense of color and form, a scientist's precision, an alchemist's knowledge of transmutation and a philosopher's under-standing of life.

In addition to this general philosophy of cooking, health food is the best preventive medicine and is a must for people suffering from chronic diseases or going through a rehabilitation phase after serious illness. It becomes obvious from the above philosophical lines that food is connected to a healthy life style that encompasses the way we live, where we live, the relationships we nurture, the jobs we have, the care we give to the living environment around us.
Food is not what we get in the fast food chains, but what we respectfully harvest from a gently treated nature and prepare with knowledge about its essential content and influence on our body and mind. In this sense, food and medicine melt into one and the same precious art piece.

Below are some health dishes as we prepare them in our Tea Garden Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Greens and grains are obligatory in every daily health menu. Here is a local salad species with some peas. The leaves are only very shortly cooked in hot water and served with a table spoon of cold pressed and un-filtered macadamia oil. The lotus leaf on top adds a touch of colour and spirit to the dish.

Cereal mixes from organic production are not only colorful but healthy and should be the basis for every day's health meal. On the picture you see sesame seeds and squash seeds sprinkled on top of brown rice mixed with beans, corn, carrots, and special organically grown raisins from the desert of Xinjiang.

Seaweeds or algae add minerals to the daily diet that otherwise are not found in sufficient quantity in terrestrial crops. Also, for spicing, only natural sea salt should be used.

Tofu and many products made from tofu are valid health food items. Make sure the tofu is from organic bean production. At our TianZi Tea Garden Restaurant we serve a special Miso sauce made from spicy aged tofu of Yunnan: our Grand Pa's favorite recipe - ask for it.

A dessert made from corn (polenta) closes a lunch or dinner.

make sure you do not drink while you eat your health food as digestion woks best without "flushing" the good things through as fast as possible, but by keeping well chewed food in your mouth and stomach as long as possible.

All at the end a good aged Puer tea and a home made digestive will help to keep your good spirits or your Qi up and running.

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Our life style is the key to health, our relationships, the upbringing of our children, and the creativity in us that allows for change.

In an ever faster changing political, social, and even natural environment it requires knowledge and artful adaptation to navigate oneself and a family through a life time.

Here are some suggestions on how life could be different. Many suggestions can be picked up right away, as e.g. healthy food preparations. Others you may want to experience during your holidays when visiting us in Thailand and China.

It all relates to how sustainability translates into a life style which helps maintain our personal and environmental health.

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