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A new & exciting trekking tour along the Burmese border in Menghai County:


The tour starts with a bus trip to a small town at 1700 m a.s.l., where each Thursday a colourful market is held. The market features several ethnic groups (Bulang, Aini, Ake) coming together to sell their products. Because the market starts at day-break, we usually commence the tour on a Wednesday and stay overnight near the market place.

After the market, the trekking starts directly on a small path to an Aini-village. You may follow the locals going home from the market and certainly will make first friends along the way.

The next villages are all Bulang villages. Bulang people are very friendly and welcoming. The second night we will stay in a Bulang village. You will be welcomed by a tea and a cup of self-made liquor just the right things to relax after the first day's hard walk.

The Bulang minority still keeps their traditional customs and all villages have nice temples and pagodas. Buddhist religion is part of everyday life here.

Along the way you will always be greeted by nice huts, the so-called silang fang. They are an ideal place to rest, to picnic or to enjoy the natural scenery. These huts are a speciality of this area and stand for the vivid customs of the Bulang people.

The trek is hard and hilly. There are several mountain ridges and valleys to cross. But the stunning landscapes, the varied forests, the clean rivers and nice villages along the way will make you forget the hardship.

You will trek through different types of forest; mostly through dense subtropical mountain forest, but you also will experience the lush green of tropical rainforest with big trees and full of birdsong and insect noises.

The tour can be tailored to your needs. Depending on the season, your fitness, your time and preferences it may take 3 up to 5 days and entail a 30 - 60 km walk. Our guide can take you to some special places like waterfalls, caves, and other romantic spots if time and weather permit.

We preferably lead small groups of 2 - 6 persons. Our guide will advise you what to bring and will plan the tour with you in detail. The guide will also provide you with all the information you need along the way: ethnic groups, the natural environment, folk customs and tales.

This trek is exclusively offered by MekongCafe. We have recently explored this new route and offer guides who are familiar with the area and speak the local language. The tour is definitely off the beaten track and features the best of Xishuangbanna. We would be glad to guide you through the mountains of Menghai County to give you a memorable experience and a deep impression about the beauty of Xishuangbanna and the hospitality of its people.

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